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The Twelve Birthstones Based on the Months:

Precious stones are often increasing the beauty of jewelry. Somehow, women also tend to love jewelry with stones as an ornament because they often give additional luxury to a certain diamond. Sometimes people choose stones based on their value or color. However, choosing gemstones based on the birth month could be a perfect choice as well. If you want to know more about the birthstones for all months with their precious gemstones, you can read this article in its last sentences. 

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In ancient culture, birthstones were in a very important place associated with zodiac signs. They were supposed to influence any people who were born under the zodiac signs of their ruling planets. Ancient people believed that they were giving their legendary powers and unique personality and characteristics to the human beings that were born in their month. 

Nowadays, people still believe that birthstones are influenced by the cosmic powers of planets, such as Vedic astrology. Therefore, wearing any jewelry with a certain birthstone attached as the ornament means bringing the cosmic powers of that planet to your body and mind. 

Here is the list of Birthstones By Month. 

Needed information about birthstones for each month: 

  • Garnet for January, available in almost all colors except blue. This stone symbolizes channel faith, consistency, and virtue. 
  • Amethyst for February. It is available in brilliant violet color or in a range of pale lilac to deep purple and symbolizes sincerity. 
  • Aquamarine for March. The color ranges from pale yellowish blue to deep blue. This is a symbolization of sympathy, trust, harmony, and friendship. 
  • Diamond for April. It is very famous for its beautiful shine and represents true love, commitment, and passion.


  • Emerald for May, available in a fascinating green color. This stone increases clairvoyance, love, and commitment. 
  • Pearl for June, well-known for its elegance. Pearl represents beauty, love, happiness and wealth. 
  • Ruby for July, available in fiery red color. It symbolizes blood, love, romance, and passion. 
  • Peridot for August. It has a similar appearance to emeralds in the glow of lamps. Peridot is the symbol of power and influence. 
  • Sapphire for September, available in a lot of colors. However, blue is the best color associated with the stone. It is a representation of clear thinking and wisdom. 
  • Opal for October. It displays the colors of the rainbow and symbolizes hope and harmony. 
  • Topaz Birthstone for November. It usually has yellow and brown colors and represents beauty, splendor, and joy. 
  • Turquoise for December. Clear blue Persian turquoise is one of the most expensive stones in the world. This stone represents fortune and prosperity. 

Birthstones surely make your jewelry have more personal value. Therefore, choosing jewelry with these stones will be the perfect idea for a gift or your own collection.